Fast, Not Furious


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Great speaker, great session, bit fast. I liked the info. But remember when you are ready your ready. It became a bit messy after you were ready, and you started with more examples.

Don't worry, it was still a very good presentation.

Good stuff - I always forget how useful/cool XHPRof is...thanks for the reminder! Good job on the speaking part too hehe

Great talk and very good speaker who knows what he is talking about. I think that I just got introduced to my new best friend.

A good presentation. Will definitely check out XHProf a bit more.

Great talk. We're going to use XHProf for sure.. Thanks!

Anonymous at 17:20 on 8 Jun 2012

Good talk, lots of examples. Definitely checking xh-gui , thanks!

Good presentation! Going to take a look into xhprof again.

Great talk! I didn't know about XHprof, will definitely check it out.

Didn't know about XHProf, but now convinced it can help me. Job well done!

Good presentation with interesting content. Nice introduction to XHProf. Well presented.

Anonymous at 11:00 on 9 Jun 2012

Great and well presented talk. Thanks.

Great content, well presented. When you are done, you're done, I thought the end was a bit messy.

Super talk, real eyeopener. Thanks David for giving me another tool to add to my arsenal of QA tools.

This was a great talk, i have tried XHProf and did not really know how to interpret it. I would love a deep look into each of the aspects of the results, but the content covered was great and very well explained.

Very good talk. Showed what we need to know, examples, ideas in how to use.

Didn't know XHprof, thanks for great info. The APC / memcache in-depth part was nice.

Superb talk. Fast-paced, but not too. I think I remember I heard you saying that this was the first time you did the talk and I was really amazed at this. Also I think that the entire room was very impressed with XHprof. I think this tool will become more widely adapted thanks to this talk!

Great presentation, will definitely check XHprof. Loved the in-dept explanation about APC and Memcached, it was exactly what I needed! Will definitely visit again!

I got some advantages of xhprof over xdebug but it didn't really blow me away though I feel like it maybe should have.
Fun presentation and did get to learn a few things.

Great fast-paced talk.
Thanks for reminding us of the coolness of XHprof.

Great talk, personally I think the best one during first conf day. Great subject perfectly presented.

An easy to understand introduction to xhprof, a lower level approach on opcode caching, tips on caching namespacing and benchmarking
Its a great pleasure listening to Davey.