From the Ground Up: Hands-on coding, deploying, and scaling with AWS


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Anonymous at 17:45 on 9 Jun 2012

Interesting talk for the last session of the conference. I think it worked well for the topic. Code heavy but informal and well presented

Great talk - enjoyed this rapid fire look at elastic beanstalk for php. The command line slides gave me a feel for the various steps involved in deployment and while I'm not sure EB is the platform for me I'll definitely look it up after this talk.

Also, noted the secret key in the slides. ALL YOUR SERVERZ ARE MINE.

Nice talk, nice demo. Thank you.

The bit on the dB handler could be left out imho. As you said so yourself the first version isn't all that and didn't seem to add anything real.

Maybe show some more hands-on example on handling scaling up/down a server park?

Really heavy for the last round of the conference but fun to attend. Don't know if you put in the mistakes on purpose or really by accident but they were fun and enjoyable. If they were a real mistake you should keep them and maybe substitute them with something harmless.
Natural speaker and I think it shouldn't be a problem in a conference to do a compelete talk at the command line though I would have liked it to have been a little slower at the critical points.

Heavy on code but i actually liked that and a geat talk to explain the code

A little rough around the edges for a conference talk, but with an excellent speaker who could probably pull this off with little preparation very enjoyable and worthwhile. Think the talk would benefit from leaving the short detours into stuff like S3, SNS and DB out and focusing more on EB.

Nice talk! Since I played a little with AWS and composer the talk was easy to follow for me, but I think some people may have struggled with it.

I liked the command line concept of your slides, didn't see that before. Overall the talk was very interesting, I really enjoyed it. Best talk of day 2 for me.

Nice and lively presentation style, good topic. A small introduction to the different AWS services wouldn't hurt, but other than that: great talk!

First command line talk I've ever seen. Now that I've seen how to connect to and set-up a service in AWS, I can't say I'm looking forward to doing that actually. But hey, without this talk I wouldn't have known that.
Rowan's a calm and clear speaker. It's a pleasure to hear him talk.

Easily one of the best talks I attended. Great examples and great style of presentation. I really enjoyed the focus on actual working code. Just don't forget to blank out your secret keys next time :-)

Original way of presenting. Picked up some new stuff and Rowan is a great spreaker.

I would have liked some background of the AWS elasticbeanstalk.

Can we get a link for the slides?? :(