Let's build a parser!


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Anonymous at 14:10 on 9 Jun 2012

Very informative speech. Thanks.

You sounded a bit nervous, for the rest a great talk!

Good job on trying to deliver this rather difficult subject to the masses. Some form of a live demo, would help.

Great talk. Difficult subject made rather easily understandable. Will the slides be uploaded?

Interesting but quite difficult topic.

Great talk. Good slides and well paced. Would have liked some more examples of the parsing in action.

A real good talk. Could use som real example code instead of many of the slides though.

Good talk, but like in previous comments i would have liked to see some examples in action

Difficult yet very broad talk in the lunch-dip slot. Well done.

This was quite a heavy one for me. Interesting stuff! And you really know the topic well!

Good talk, nice subject. Missed the relationship between theory (Chomksy hierarchy) and practice a bit though. Maybe some treatment of the strengths and limitations of the different parser classes (with examples) could make your talk even better.

As expected, very well done Boy. Thank you for reminding me of some of the stuff I've learned during my education, never expected to use it anymore.

You told me it was going to be heavy stuff, and yes it indeed was. It took me a bit of effort to follow along especially since I did not know a lot of the terminology that was used heavily throughout the talk. Not sure how this could be improved because you explained them thoroughly beforehand. You did a great job talking about a difficult a subject and making it understandable (for the most part)

I will surely delve into this a bit more to improve some previously made parsing solutions (that were built using regexes) with a more robust solution.

I'll try to look more into it. It was quite a difficult topic to talk about. A bit hard to follow, but that was hardly the fault of the presentation.

Great talk and well presented. Kudos on handing out energy boosters to kill the lunch dip. Two minor quibbles: Less focus of the differences between formal notation styles would free up more time for the practical php-peg examples. Also, the speaker should try to talk a little slower. Some parts felt like he was quite nervous/excited which made him hard to understand sometimes. Still 5/5 from me!

Interesting Stuff