Mashing up JavaScript – Advanced techniques for modern web applications


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Anonymous at 12:35 on 8 Jun 2012

Excellent talk, lot's of new libraries introduced (for me at least). Pitty we didn't have more time...

Anonymous at 12:35 on 8 Jun 2012

Nice talk, fun and good tempo.

Anonymous at 13:01 on 8 Jun 2012

Good talk, lots of code examples. It was obvious he rehearsed his stuff, And his accent wasn't troublesome at all :)

Good talk. Interesting libraries introduced with live demos to show them working together.

Really good talk. Fun, fast and informative. Looking forward to dig a bit deeper into the code examples.

Great talk, lots of examples and well paced.

great talk, good examples. nothing more to say.

Good and interesting talk, good speed and nice examples

Good talk, good examples (live demo's!) and good tempo.

Well presented & prepared talk, enthusiastic speaker, cool examples - lots of new stuff (for me at least).

Nice talk. Good overview of different concepts and JavaScript libraries

Really nice presentation, good examples and very clear.

A lot of info in a short amount of time, but very impressive techniques. If you had more time, it became clearer to me.

Anonymous at 10:58 on 9 Jun 2012

Well prepared talk! Patching your code while doing the presentation is genious!
I think it's a shame that you only had 45 minutes, because I'd like to have seen some discussion aftwards.

Nice talk, well prepared and interesting examples.

Anonymous at 13:10 on 9 Jun 2012

Really nice. Good talking speed. Lot of examples and libraries, good.

loved the new librarys and the examples where very easy to understand.

Great talk dynamics, excellent topic. Too bad it lasted only 45mins

Nice to see various possiblities, examples worked well and the presenting style was nice.

Your talk was setup very well, with the code progressing as you spoke. You must have prepared this very carefully. I was a bit slow at following though, that's just my nature, it would have helped if you had somehow managed to highlight the essential parts. Now you had to point at them with the laser pointer, which was easy to miss. Because of the number of examples I also missed and forgot some of the essence of what you were showcasing, so I feel the need to go over the slides again. Afraid I will lack the time to do so. But I still think it was a good talk. Thank you.

Good talk, sometimes a bit fast, but picked up some library names I surely will check out more.

Good talk with many good examples the speed was just right i saw many intresting new libraries

Anonymous at 08:38 on 11 Jun 2012

Very interesting talk, well prepared, learned lots of new stuff.

Good talk. Interesting story and good examples.