OAuth: A Question of Trust


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Great talk. Learned some new stuff about ways of authenticating. Gonna use Auth2 from now on in our apps / server.

Informative about the differences between 1 & 2. One star less because of the phone choice comment. That's soo 2010.

Great talk, wonderfull enthusiasm. I was lost a little bit sometimes if we were talking about server or client implementation. One star extra for comment of phone choice.

Always like your talks. Great talk and love the way OAuth2 is simplified.

Lorna is an awesome presenter, the topic was really interesting and Lorna explained it well.
One suggestion I would make for future versions might be to include actual practical run throughs of the different flows.

Also for someone who loves SSL I would expect Joind.in to be HTTPS by default ;).

Nice Talk. Extra star for pointing me to Joind.in;-)

Great talk. Interesting stuff. I am missing a slide with the complete flow in OAuth2. Maybe a live demo would be a good idea.

Great talk, very lively, and with a good dosis of enthousiasm. A bit more on the 'broad picture' of OAuth before moving to the different flows might be helpful though.

Anonymous at 17:10 on 8 Jun 2012

Thanks. I couldnt be there

Great Talk! Personally I like seeing working code examples, so maybe a slide of PHP code showing the OAuth 2 dance would be nice.

Useful talk, pointed out that oAuth2 needs SSL. Wasn't expecting that.
Missed a UML type overview (instead of the blackberry-dog-person one) with a little bit more detail. Apart from that a good talk.

I had a bit of trouble with the whole concept - where was I standing developer? Then it kinda hit me, we're in the damn middle trying to provice servers, write clients, and make sense of it all.

Having developed oAuth 1 clients before, I'm really happy to know the differences between 1 and 2 and how it's not another painstaking trip down horrorville to adapt to the new version.

I'm not sure how you could improve on this - sorry!

Also, I love the accent. Every presentation gets better when British women have a reason to say things like 'horrible' or 'awesome'.

Awesome presenter, but missed some examples.

Really enjoyable overview of the different authorization methods for OAuth2, as well as the OAuth1 dance.

The presentation was given at a good pace and the mood was great. The initial innuendo was a bit odd but didn't put me off that much. Given the scope of the topic I can't imagine there would be time for examples so I won't bemoan their exclusion (I'd love to see a longer presentation with them included however).

Sorry I didn't attend. Don't ever stop giving talks, please:)

Good talk.
I liked that it had clear examples and day to day use cases. (Not code examples)
Loved the jokes and everything

Well, you can say the author has had experience with the subject matter. A good understanding of the subject matter and easy to keep her audience's attention.