PHAR, the PHP .exe format


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Good talk - as a PHAR consumer it answered all the questions I had about rolling my own PHAR's. Particularly liked the sections on CLI + Web in one PHAR.


Great talk, covered all the things you need to know to get started with phar files. Useful examples gave a good Impression of what is possible.

Font size for live Demo needs to be larger.

Definitely going to use PHAR! very informative speech, to the point and not too much information at once. Thank you.

Very comprehensible and informative talk - accessible despite going pretty deep into the subject. While the talk didn't make me sure I can personally use this and how performance is versus regular PHP it did give me enough info to know what it is, how it works, what I need to do to use PHAR and what I can do with it once I got the basics down. Basically I can now go and see what I can achieve with it without spending a couple of hours researching the absolute basics.

Good presentation as well, despite 1 demo not demo-ing.

good presentation-style, well designed slides and really interesting topic. Even though the break was shorter because of the longer presentation time, the quantity of information was perfect.

I saw 50% of this talk at PHPBNL12. But now I saw the entire talk and was impressed with the possibilities. The way Helgi responded to the questions asked by the audience, proves he's a pro.

Makes me want to experiment with Phar myself.

Helgi Þormar Þorbjörnsson is not only a good test case for UTF-8 compliance but also a very good, engaging, fun and joyful speaker.

I was a amazed by the quality and style of slide deck that accompanied his great presentation.

The content was very solid and taught me a couple of new small things :)

Great and clear talk about what phar is, though I don't think I will have a use for it myself.

Hadn't heard about Phar before, this talk was a great introuction.

Good mix of slides and live code.
'phar' could be something I would definitely use in the future.

Great talk, well presented. Got all the information I need to get going.