Programming Style and Your Brain


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great talk, nice to see the person responsable for JSLint and the frustrations of using it. :)

Good talk, nice amount of jokes, a little slow paced and slightly repatative. Great to see the examples and frustrations of javascript

brilliant talk

My new hero :)

I was already a great believer in coding styles, but this talk gave some nice new insights. Not boring at all.

Great content, felt a little bit unstructured at times and I'm not a fan of "read phrases off a slide" slides but I love hearing him speak and am so using several of the reasons for "good practice" instead of "clever practice" on the people I work with ;) avoiding bugs makes me happy

Beeing just after lunch this might be a bit to early but my gut tells me this will be my personal highlight of the day. Flawless execution.

Saw it YUI Theater already, even better IRL.

The talk really resonated with me, particularly due to recent discussions of standards within the PHP community. A lot of gems in the talk that I'll likely be quoting for years to come.

Great talk. Great insight.

Thanks for this great start of the day!

Great vision on coding style and personal preferences versus reducing the chance of errors. Good examples!

JSLint, love it and hate it :)

Great talk. Awesome keynote.

Really good keynote, as always.

Anonymous at 19:07 on 8 Jun 2012

Nice keynote! Good fun moments and really need to checkout JSLint. I like to get my feelings hurt! ;)

Great talk!

Great kick-off of the day. Enjoyed it!

Loved it! It's great to see Douglas Crockford in the flesh. I've been using JSLint with great success for about two years now. I also loved the series you did for a Yahoo (History of JavaScript). One point of criticism: You started off with a psychological approach to how programmers program, which is the foundation for explaining some of the not-so-trivial (in JavaScript) code styles, as enforced by JSLint. I understand why you added it - trying to side-step the minefield that is code-style preference - but it felt a bit slow.
Please keep fighting for us for a better JavaScript! :)

6/5. Catches you, informs you, applies to everyone who solves problems for a living and has a bunch of practical examples and resource links to get you on the right track.

Very inspiring keynote. I loved the javascript examples as well.

Anonymous at 10:56 on 9 Jun 2012

Liked it very much in feature I will try to be more consistent when writing a code and following rules which you have demonstrate us. Great keynote! It would be great if slides were here.

one of the best and interesting presentations I've ever heard!

No one better to open the conference! Awesome content and how the presenter pass it to the public. It is what most of the talks are missing, make the developers think and not just how to do.

This is exactly how a keynote should be: provocative, grasping the bigger picture. Lots of humor as well. Could be a bit faster at the beginning.

Insightful and funny, 2 things difficult to bring to a room full of developers. What a great start to the conference!

Thanks for opening our conference! Your talk was informative and highly entertaining, which is not always easy on topics as dry as programming.

Thank you very much. I even took some notes. A little embarassed to admit I never ever used lint, while I heared of it before. But it's in my notes now and it has stuck in my mind (the head part) and my gut tells me I should really give it a try. It will make me cry for all the == comparison operators. Ouch. Using === in php already whenever I can. Thank you very much, it was realy entertaining. And yeah, I also tend to think of fallthrough in switches as elegant...

Great talk from an inspirational speaker.

This was a great talk, every developer should realize how important coding standard is and a coding standard should really be made to avoid common errors.

Great talk, if you had ever any doubt about the need for coding standards you wont have them anymore after this talk.

Very interesting insights into code quality expressed in a way that I haven't heard before.

It spoke to my heart and gave me new ways of expressing my QA desires and gave me guidelines and new ideas to reevaluate my views on specific parts of coding standards.

Anonymous at 08:51 on 11 Jun 2012

Nice talk, very informative for an intermediate Javascript programmer

Great talk. Great explanation of *why* coding standards matter.

Great talk, very entertaining, not always easy on a subject as programming.

A great talk. Period

Doug you rock. Thanks for an enlightening talk!

nice & entertaining
but already knew allot of the tips