Scalability issues: cure first, prevent later


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Great session! Fun to watch, and got great tips I can use on on the job.

This guy is awesome. Really knows what he's talking about. I wish he'd have more time to go in depth on this subject. Pros and cons. Especially on Varnish Cache. Storing sessions in Memcached in a multi-server environment was an eye-opener to us, we were struggling with such a problem for a client. A lot of tricks to try...

Thanks! Hope to hear more of this guy.

Great content, great presentation skills! Very positive and inspiring. Here is someone who has a story to tell and tells it well. I loved your short anecdotes, it gives you credibility and it's very entertaining.
"Cure first, prevent later" is a motto that applies more to Operations than Developers though, but seeing as that is your background: great!

Will you be back next year? :)

Thijs is a great speaker. Deeply knowledged and his presentation reflected that perfectly. Seeing the time, it wasn't easy to keep everyone's attention, but he handled it well!

Anonymous at 10:59 on 9 Jun 2012

Great talk! Lots of best practices and war stories. I am not a php developer, but I walked away with various techniques to improve the performance of my backend. Loved the slide deck too - the images illustrates the points without taking our attention away from the speaker. Looking forward to seeing you speak at other conferences, Thijs!

Really enjoyed this talk. Thijs is a real entertainer!
This presentation is full of practical scalability tips supported by anecdotes. Well done!

Good talk, good points covered. I guess you can reduce the Varnish cache and focus in other stuffs.
As suggestion, try to make more explicit that most of these solutions don't solve dummy code. Developers must know that if the site is slow and need to scale, they are part of the problem too. I am not mean is all developer fault to scale, but they can optimize too.

Btw, memcache seems good for sessions, but when you get large traffic it fails. Take a look in sessions using Redis. My company and Flickr are samples of this.

I was soooo tired and wanted to leave the conference early to have a nap before the social event but your talk was really interesting. You mentioned some cool things and tools!

Intresting talk and i liked the examples . Even at th end of the day it could keep my attention sharp

The best talk of DPC for me. Nice subject, good examples. And very good speaking skills!

Very entertaining talk + good ( real life ) examples.
Will definitely keep this in the back of my head. Hope to see more talks of you!

Great talk, great examples and great speaker. I learned a lot here.

great talk with some nice examples, Thijs is always funny and nice to listen to.

Interesting tips and a very nice presentation