Separating the concerns


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A good introduction to Seperation of Concerns. I would have loved to see more emphasis on the conceptual benefits of adding a layer of abstraction in this manner. Adding more abstractions and complexity to your code has to come with a benefit.
The (facebook/twitter API) example was well chosen.

Joshua was "fabulous (tm)", good thing Stephan was there to keep him in check! :P

Presentation style was a bit 'busy', I'd say, but did keep attention on a pretty abstract concept.Best use of examples of all lectures this day, although the DI-related part was kinda rushed, making it unclear and unneeded.

Maybe it's a good idea to find some other examples of what could be done with the principles, as the implementation with fb/twitter was a bit on the easy side.

For my perspective, this was a presentation of the MVC architecture, which I think everbody (each php developer) must have heard before. Therefore I wished that the topic goes into more detail - unfortunately it was not the case.

Fun talk with some good banter between the presenters. The topic didn't introduce anything groundbreaking, but it was a nice reinforcement of best practices. The example given was simple, but drove the point home well enough. It was MVC-centric as mentioned, but that didn't bother me.

I liked the presentation style and the slides were clear. However, I think - but I realise this is a very personal point of view - that we should take for granted that seperation of concerns is important and good. That said, you could have demonstrated the simple examples real quickly. This would have saved you some time to dig deeper into where it gets hard to separate concerns or to give more examples of how you can accomplish that, when you should and when you shouldn't.

Really missed some new insights or more advanced examples for an 'intermediate' talk. Some more details on how AOP can help to separate concerns would be useful. Well presented though.

Talk was a little bit "busy". I was nice to see some Symfony2 code on the slides!

I liked the talk. Interesting and presented well!

Anonymous at 08:45 on 11 Jun 2012

Somewhat too "basic" for the PHP conference in my opinion. Also the banter between the presenters was not that funny.

Interesting talk, but I think they focused too much on the wrong examples. I would have preferred if they spend less time on the usage of the twitter/fb API's and more time on e.g. AOP. They showed pretty well on how to identify code with mixed concerns but not on guidelines on *how* to separate things if you find such code in your own projects.