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Really knows what she is talking about, and very refreshing that she is not afraid to jump in and out of code and expose all of the angles for Web Service development.

Nice intro to Web Services, a bit on the simple side. One could wish for a bit more advanced stuff. Do not spend time on letting people install stuff, that they should already have been doing before they came.
Very nice examples, without all the framework clutter, that often get draged into these kind of things. You could have started out with a bit more advanced examples in the code.

Interesting overview of what's what in webservice-land. As mentioned before, it would be nice to have a set of mandatory installs & downloads beforehand to reduce startup time so we could've gotten more in-depth on REST and when to use it (or RCP).

Really enjoyable presentation method. though, despite a half-sleeping and double-shy audience.

Great tutorial. A bit on the simple side. I think it would be more correct to mark it with "Talk level: Beginner" and not "Intermediate". But I guess it's hard to make an advanced talk about a simple subject.

Lorna is a great speaker and it is allways fun to listen to api talks...

Good tutorial, nice speaker, nice content, but a bit to easy. Most of us are experienced developers so we can handle more advanced stuff.

Very nice tutorial, could have been more in depth for me. But i guess you have to concider the attending audience.

Excelently brought though

I agree with the comments above: would have been great if all stuff would have been present and configured from the start to go into more detail. Now, as Bobo says, it would be more correct for beginners.

What I really liked about the talk was how clear the presentation was and quite humorous in between the lines. In terms of improvement for at least this conference, I would suggest going a bit faster through the stuff in the beginning or specifically aim for beginners. The core of the talk should be more about the RPC and REST services then currently.

Already having done quite some stuff with webservices, I managed to learn some new things still, especially the HTTP headers and statuscodes were nice as well as the remarks on documentation. What I also like is that in the talk Lorna found a good balance between telling how things should be done according to the book, but also took on a hands-on approach, clearly stating where deviation from those rules might be a good idea.

Some good feedback coming in but lots of comments about the sample code available to download - this link should have been sent to those people who indicated that they would attend this session in advance of tutorial day, I supplied it to the organisers along with some instructions. If you hadn't booked a particular slot in advance, you probably didn't get the specific info for this session, and I apologise for that.

The talk was good basic overview off different styles of webservice implementations. Since it was a tutorial day I was hoping (and expected) that we would get our hands dirty and be digging deeper into the details of if. Although I already know a fair bit about webservices, the talk still sparked a few good ideas that will be useful to me.

Lorna as a speaker has a nice amount of energy and is very pleasant to listen to.

Lorna: actually the link to your files was present on the tutorials description page ( http://www.phpconference.nl/tutorials#lorna-web-services ) in advance. So I guess people who had to still download it at the starting point were probably a bit lazy or didn't really prepare.

Agree with the others comments. Awesome speaker, knows exactly what is saying, but wasn't intermediate level.

Also, the samples was too basic. You can include more real cases, like actions (ie, active account), searches. The approach for same cases, like when return more data or do more requests.