What did you like about this event, and what do you think could be better for the next time? Leave your feedback to help the organizers know what you liked, and what could be improved on.


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Great conference. To me the best addition to last year was the hackathon. I already send in my feedback on that through the evaluation form. Other than that, good conference. Please next time no music during the social, or at least not so loud.

Great conf!

As stated before by other people:
when making a mobile app (and promoting it) make sure it's up to par. It felt like it was hacked together at short notice. (and hardly performed well)
Also i'd like to see a more well rounded web conference: the mobile / js tracks felt interesting as did the uncon but we cant be everywhere at once. (and even the Django talk was well attended) Would it be possible to make it a 5 day program next year and get Ruby/Python/Php/Devops/Javascrip/Fronteers in there as well somewhere?

Its merging together as a whole these days (with JS frameworks spanning server/client and everything in between)

Anonymous at 14:53 on 9 Jun 2013

My compliments to the organizers. A lot of good talks, everything ran smoothly, schedule worked, tech worked, catering worked, not a hitch as far as I could see.

Only improvements I could think of:
- make the app work offline, and make it remember where I was instead of opeming on home screen
- javascript development is now sort of latched on to mobile, while there are plenty of regular webapps where you want to use proper js structuring and the like.
- like Gerb said, the split between mobile and php seems a bit artificial. As the keynote mentioned, web developing is about targetting use cases, not devices. PHP+SQL+JS is going to happen for pretty much any projects, all three languages should have their place in a php conference.

Very well organized and more than enough choice. Had a great time and met up with a lot of people.

The split between Mobile & PHP is a bit awkward though and I would suggest considering merging these two tracks as they overlap more and more into something like a larger web development conference. Makes sense if you think that everything developed today also needs to be available on mobile and that PHP is just another component in an increasingly more hybrid architecture.

That was very educational! Thanks and have a nice drink.

Sven at 21:31 on 17 Apr 2013

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Anonymous at 16:25 on 27 Oct 2012