Dependency Injection Smells


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Not a very elaborated speech, most of the cases presented as DI smells are actually not using DI.

Anonymous at 16:44 on 7 Jun 2013

had the feeling there was a nice deal of thought put into this talk, i was not entirely convinced by the examples but they could open up some nice discussions

Anonymous at 18:33 on 7 Jun 2013

One of the better talks of the day. Great clear presentation. Would have like less examples and more (different) smells to learn to detect more smells. But that's just a detail!

I liked the opening slides of 'what is a dependency'.

I do feel like the real-world examples were unnecessary. The interface mistake in Symfony looks more like a bad refactor (find-replace) than a real mistake. And Zend\Crypt just looks poorly designed.

I think you could add some made up examples that look like cases you found in the real-world, but are simplified. We just want to know how to spot the smells, not rant at how bad other people's code is.

I like how you handled questions from the audience.

I did notice a lack of a promised 'physical reaction' to seeing bad code, but I'll chalk that up to good presentation skills ;)

Thanks for all the feedback everybody! @Núria: you are correct - this talk should have been titled "Dependency Management Smells". I will change the name the next time I'll give this talk.

It was a great pleasure to listen to Matthias talking about all the (wrong) things I see every day. Very well done.

Anonymous at 14:15 on 8 Jun 2013

A good talk. I enjoyed the real-world examples the most.

While I admire the guts it takes to point the finger to some code and say "this should never be done" while almost certainly having authors or contributors in the audience, I do feel that the talk was mislabeled. We where expecting more smells with actual current DI practices.

Good talk, mostly opinion based. But gave some eyeopeners. Name isn't really true to the talk if you'd ask me though

Some of the examples given were open for discussion, which, in a way is good by itself I suppose.

Good talk, clear presentation. Liked the way you took different established frameworks/libraries to illustrate bad practice. I do agree that some more clear general examples would be good to add.

Interesting topic, good information and a nice structure.

Could use some more practice speaking. I also felt there were some things missing, like when DI is used where it should _not_ be used. Expected a bit more here.

Anonymous at 09:23 on 27 Jun 2013

Confident speaker with a wake-up call for good practises. Unclear if this was a purely theoretical approach though.

I think he was trying to be controversial to trigger a lively discussion - pity that it didn't happen.