Deploying your apps... the right way!


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Anonymous at 14:17 on 8 Jun 2013

Very intresting speach. Well done by the speaker!

Great talk, nice live deployment in the end

interesting topic, could use some more generamisation on the capistrano part. for a first talk nocely done:-)

Interesting talk, and well done for a first go at it. Especially exciting to show the live deploy. ;)

Great job for a first talk! Enjoyed every bit of, especially the live deploy :)

Not too bad for a first talk, bit could definitely be improved. Maybe slightly less opiniated. Still delivered some good ideas.

Good talk.

One thing that bugged me during the presentation: if rollouts are to be made 'easy-peasy-1-2-threesy' than why the anxiety during a live rollout? :)

Other than that: good talk!

@Robin: Fair point, the answer to that is that it's not the anxiety of a failing deploy, it's just that it is considered very bad practice to do live demo's during conferences due to failing wifi, which could result in broken pipes etc. But the whole point of doing this live demo was indeed to show that you should be able to do it everywhere :)

Good informative talk.
You do tell too often "what comes next". There is no need for that, we will find out within 45 minutes. The amount of time is short, so don't waste it on an agenda.
I also agree with Robin that I live deployment from a conference should be no problem if you trust your deployment strategy. Given the fact that Capistrano aborts when the connection fails, the worst that could have happen was that your deployment just stopped and nothing would have changed on the server.

Next time: live deployment to production demo!