Getting your toolbox together


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Disclaimer: Daan is my colleague so I can be a bit harsher because he knows where it's coming from :).

Some feedback, note that I think this is just because this is your first talk for such a large audience:
You were pacing and speaking a little fast. You mentioned some minor glitches, if you hadn't mentioned it I wouldn't have noticed, but you did, so I did.
This talk was contained a lot of text slides and might have benefitted from showing by example.
The title is misleading and you don't mention Vagrant and chef in it, you run the risk of dissapointing people who come looking for vim tips or whatever.

Loved the "here is the official stuff, here is what it actually means".
Loved the looping back to the beginning.
Loved repeating the question.

Well done Daan! I came looking to learn more on Chef and left knowing more :).
Now how about an advanced Symfony or relational backbone talk? ;)

Nice introduction to stuff like vagrant.
Maybe you could explain a bit more about the possibilities instead of the implementation details.

Anonymous at 10:58 on 8 Jun 2013

A clear talk and well argued. I'm definitely looking into using this.
Also nicely done within the time, and I liked you repeating the questions before answering.
The talk might benefit from a short image of what a developer's working setup will look like (local VM with server, shared path etc) before diving into the details.

The subject was very nice and I liked the flow of the slides/talk. I actually didn't really like the 'official stuff', I'm more interested in your version of it. I would also love to hear more about the many cotchas you get when using vagrant.

Anonymous at 14:17 on 8 Jun 2013

next time speak 2 times slower please

Probably my bad but I expected a bit more in depth information about the topic. We're already using vagrant (and Puppet instead of Chef) at our office, was hoping to see some more details and info on how you guys do it.

Nevertheless a great talk for people new on this topic.

I loved the talk, but please speak a little bit slower next time :-)

The speaker was talking a bit fast, bit otherwise I also wasn't impressed with the talk. While we're not using Vagrant and Chef/Puppet/Salt, there wasn't much new on *what* it does - and a lot (especially on the slides) on how to configure stuff. I'm pretty sure I already forgot most of that info by the time we got downstairs.
Also, the talk was specifically about Vagrant/Chef and that should be reflected in the title. We expected at least a couple of tools in the "toolbox".

We can start to use this information at our company right away. The presentation was clear and nice to listen to.

Liked the talk, Always interesting how others build their dev environments. Do not like the way some things are presented as "the only right way" (You should always have a Dev image). There are some other ways to reach the same goal.
The Chef part was really in-depth, the other parts an overview. You should consider to have the same level of depth on the different subjects (else you could better name it 'Setting up chef, and other tools')

I expected a little bit more in depth information, but it was a great talk for the people new on this topic. And please, speak a little bit slower next time. Sometimes it was hard to listen relaxed.

Was expecting getting your toolbox together. Instead it was getting your development environment together.

if that was the title 4 thumbs. Now only 2.

Good talk. I liked the fact that it seemed pretty 'down to earth'. It was an easy intro that everyone could start doing the next day.

Some actual feedback: i have to agree with your collegue: it was clearly your first talk for such an audience. Try and calm down whilst speaking ;)

other than that: it was a good talk and supported my enthusiasm on vagrant :)

I expected a bit more complete set of tools here, talk was mainly about Vagrent and Chef, but you need more than that to develop software.