Measuring and Logging Everything in Real Time


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Anonymous at 15:16 on 8 Jun 2013

Very nice overview of logging possiblities. Addressed all our issues in logging very effectively.

Interesting talk. Gave me some spots I probably should investigate for our use.

Anonymous at 15:20 on 8 Jun 2013

Fine examples and a nice story. I've actually written a blog about the subject a while back I'm curious what you think of it:

The talk was very informative an went into a good depth of details. My only criticism is that Bastian talked too fast and it was a bit difficult to follow him all of the time. I'm glad he uploaded the slides so that I can review them once again when I have time.

Nice and informative talk. Definitely going to talk to our sys admins to install some of the tools Bastian showed us.

Good tips, thanks for sharing. I liked the simplicity of the explanations, it made it all look so simple.

Very interesting talk.

Very useful talk.

Good speaker, good subject, good presentation.

Good speaker. Learned nothing new exactly but I was pushed to implement more of the tools, and the tools where explained sufficiently.

Very interesting talk, I've learned a lot and will use this information in the near future for sure. The speaker did a good presentation.

Good talk, nice tools. Nuff said.

Good informative talk.
Did start out slow though, but it picked up after some time.

Anonymous at 10:00 on 24 Jun 2013

Interesting and useful. Good presentation.