PHP, Under The Hood


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Very interesting project, and awesome talk to go with it. Perfect for these looking to learn the basics of PHP-Internals.

Great talk giving more insight in the internal workings of PHP.

Great talk, nice to hear how PHP internally works sometimes.
But saw a lot of C code fly by. Wasn't able to follow the code that quickly.

iteresting how the inernals work

I wasn't expecting such a strong focus on PHP's compiler but a good talk regardless.

Always a interesting topic when well explained, that was certainly the case! Nice to use PHPPHP to explain some of the internals.

Well presented, and explaining how php works using php code makes the basic concepts easy to grasp. Thanks!

Interesting talk explaining internals in an easy to grok manner

Interesting but was hard to follow if you're not familiar with some of the terms. Nevertheless well presented!

A pretty good talk overall. But I was hoping for a few specific insights on PHPs inner workings that would have helped me write better or more efficient programs. It could have gone a bit deeper at points. To bad it didn't because the speaker had 15 minutes to spare at the end.

I learned some interesting things about the internal workings of PHP. Although I understand the intention of showing what happens in PHP by showing the code of PHPPHP for people not following C, I ended with the feeling that this talk was more about PHPPHP then about PHP itself. The talk finished quite quickly; maybe when giving it next time it is nice to dig in even a bit deeper.

While I like Anthony Ferrara as a speaker (a lot), I thought this talk was too short - and I would have enjoyed to get a bit more information from the lessions he had learned in his journey building PHPPHP. Maybe he did that with regards to the engine and the way php runs, but not really regarding basic concepts in the language itsself. I'm sure he *must* have encountered at least a few WTF moments...

Having a basic understanding of language design in general and that of php in particular, i had hoped this talk would be a bit more in-depth. Anthony is a great speaker though.

Great and experienced speaker. Knows how to present information to others. Should have told at the start that the PHPPHP examples are there just for understanding how PHP works cause I think some did not understand the point of it at first.

Interesting talk on a not so usual subject. Left me with brains blown.

Great talk, I have already started tinkering with PHPPHP.

Anonymous at 09:20 on 24 Jun 2013

I agree with Sander Marechal.

Anonymous at 09:15 on 27 Jun 2013

Really good start but kinda trailed off in the end when I was expecting the more detailed, practical stuff.

Never found out what T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM is.