Salt: The New Configuration Management System


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Great talk, very funny and.informative. Thnx for the homework with this nice weater ;)

very interesting, definatly something to try out. very well presented, informative and entertaining

Seemed a little nervous at the start, but that was quickly forgotten as I was thoroughly informed and entertained by the presentation. I will definitely be looking into this tool.

Great job.

Very thorough explanation of salt or saltStack (I thought I'd mention for the googlers); with a nice demonstration of how powerful it can be.
I found it funny as well, but also a bit too fast at times.
But very well presented nonetheless.

Enjoyed both talks of the speaker. But this one was the best for me. And some bonus points for the rm -rf / :)

Very interesting talk, it also included a nice demo!

Loved the actual demo!
That's what made it stick as really being dead simple.
(saw both your talks and this one seemed a lot more relaxed!)

One minor point of critique: try and keep your sentences and breathing in check, it really seemed like you had to rush your words and gasp for breathing room once in a while ;)

(and check out ;o))

Good talk, nice introduction to Salt, and the "rm -rf /*" was fun!