Scenario Driven API Design


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Great talk! Practical solutions for recognizable issues you run into when designing an API.

Anonymous at 11:37 on 8 Jun 2013

Great talk!

Nice - though i'm not convinced that some of the cheats *really* make it easier to use. Will definitely be digging back through your slides to see if I can come up with a nicer way of achieving the same result without the RPCish layer!

Fully agree with the developer experience side of it though - REST is not an excuse for developers to create crappy, slow APIs. It should be exactly the opposite.

Sure have found some nice tips that will help us build our api better!

Pretty interesting talk about the practical side of building API's and why you should reaaly think about the way they wiil be used.

Great talk! Clear presentation following the problem-solutions-conclusions pattern!!

Technically the talk was fine, good buildup and a clear presentation.

Anonymous at 18:15 on 8 Jun 2013

I've learned a lot, great presentation of a very good speaker.

great talk. Clear examples and useful.

Exactly what I expected. Wouldn't mind a talk about getting your scenarios clear. Good talk, good example. Next time relax! You wore doing great!

Nice description of how REST _should_ be used.

Great talk with good real life examples that people understand.
It's also good you showed clearly that it is more important to deliver something that works, than something that is completely reflects a specific specification (like REST).

Next time though: more zombies!

Ivo is a seasoned speaker and it tells. Clear slides and excellent delivery. As for the topic - lots of ideas to go home with. I've never profiled the average user journey to see how many API calls are being made to server e.g. the homepage.

Anonymous at 09:50 on 24 Jun 2013

I consider this one of the best talks @dpc13. Mr Jansch's presentation was both interesting and entertaining.