The Proxy pattern in PHP


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Marco knows a ton about this subject. This talk did a great job at describing the various proxy patterns with PHP examples. The pattern diagrams need to be much larger -- couldn't read them in the front row. Also the code could be larger and more contrast on the slides for the sake of readability.

Small comment: code difficult to read

Small slide issues but the content and presentation was excellent.

interesting how we can do things with those proxies

Interesting topic, it was a bit hard to follow sometimes (please make the code font bigger next time), but overall well explained and useful.

Very interesting subject, well brought.

Interesting talk, allthough a bit hard to follow at times. Would have liked to have a few more examples on situations as when to use the different types of porxies.

Anonymous at 14:16 on 8 Jun 2013

I was happily surprised by this talk. It went deeper than I expected from the talk description.

It was obvious the speaker knew exactly what he was talking about and it gave me a great side by side view of the proxies out there with their pros and cons.
Love the Chuck Testa reference which defines a proxy quite well.

Absolute and rock-solid talk about the proxy pattern, from someone who's *obviously* pushing it to new levels.

Nice and clear presentation! Good speaker.

Well explained topic, finally I understood it completely :-)

Good talk, could use a bit more explanation on some of the patterns, but overall a nice, in-depth presentation, with good examples.

Being such a abstract subject i would have expected a more coherent set of examples. Now some of the proxy variants used entirely different use-cases where i expected one example to be changed / altered to another.

Also the diagrams and code were hard to read (but that could have been the screen?)

In short: it got me thinking but also got me confused at the same time ;)

Great explanation of the various types of proxies.