Uncon: The Mikado method


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Awesome talk! Will definitely give the mikado method a try. Pascal has good presentation skills and humor and manages to make people enthusiastic about the topic. Also props for giving a live demo and not failing ;)

Anonymous at 14:35 on 7 Jun 2013

Very nice talk, it was good to see something thats actually quite simple but is pretty new and very handy that can also be scaled in it's use depending on the situation. Liked the little demo that gave a clear view of the method

Very well presented and an interesting topic.

Very interesting!

After presenting the "ideal" usecase in your demo (no deep leaves, no broken builds), we had to guess a bit about the less ideal cases and people had to ask you about it. Also it wasn't exactly made clear when exactly to commit.

Anyway, great subject, demo went great and would love to see you flesh it out a bit more!

Funny how the thoughts of a simple checklist can be extended to an actual method which is also really interesting. Well spoken pascal!

Anonymous at 15:43 on 8 Jun 2013

Good talk :)

Awesome! I loved the live demo and the drawing out on paper, and how you engaged the crowd by choosing a volunteer to tick it off rather than doing it yourself.

It's always interesting with new productivity methodology! :)