Varnish workshop


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For me a great introduction to the interesting world of varnish. i loved the hands-on approach but i guess the simple basic examples could be left out to create more time to play around with the more advanced ones.

Great workshop. Very well organised with the image and exercises available to be installed before attending the tutorial. I really love the hands-on approach and the way you explain everything.

Might be a good idea to go through the first 7 exercises or so with a bit more speed. Just as long as everybody can still keep up with the pace. That way you would have more time for the more advances exercises. And maybe also leave some room to fiddle around at the end (optional).

As a complete newcomer in writing your own vcl, this is a great way to start learning the stuff. Thank you!

Amazingly well done tutorial it was overall quick and educational. Except from exersise 6 and on I sort of gave up on actually doing the exercises myself. The exercises were great to begin with but after a couple of them you know what's going to happen and what to expect so the exercises were becoming more of a confirmation of theory rather than an actual exercise.

Thumbs up for the workshop. I must admit I always enjoy your talks, and as so I did this tutorial.

Kudo's for the preparation! Good exercises with a todo.txt so you don't miss a command from the presentation. And of course the vagrant box.

I really learned a lot and I'm definitely gonna keep the VM for a while to play around,

A great hands-on tutorial. Loved it. It was great that I could just download a Vagrant box and have everything up and running, ready to go.

Two little tips:

* Maybe skip a few of the earlier todo points and leave them as homework. This would make more time for the later examples. Near the end, the speaker was going quite fast and it was hard to keep up using a hands-on approach. Near the end I just set back and watched the speaker do its thing so I could actually absorb what was going on.

* Please add Curl and two different browsers to the requirements.