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Thanks Robert for an exellent example of the use of ddd in a real world example

This was more of a long lecture than an actual tutorial ;) You had some nice examples about the way you applied DDD in your project, but I would have liked the tutorial to be much more practical (about half of the time I want to actually do something, whether it's writing code, discussing something, or figuring something out).

One other thing: the use of a Vagrant box wasn't really necessary, I downloaded the project with the code samples and that was sufficient to follow along (no need to do a vagrant up).

Hi Matthias!

I totally agree about the practical part. I expected people to have the box prepared, so we can work together, but no one had it. So that set me back on that point. :(
I'll prepare for that case better next time. :)

And yes, the code examples can be run on any PHP environment not just the vagrant box I provided, precisely because I wanted to show that principles of DDD can be applied anywhere no matter what framework you use, or in what state your code is.
I taught it would be easier for the people this way, they just download the thing, do vagrant up, and do not need to worry about anything else. Now I'll know better for the next time. ;)

Thanks for the remarks! :)

This was my first workshop as a php developer.
The lecture was interesting, I enjoyed the story about getting the client involved and setting up the team and liked the code examples. I had expected the workshop to be more hands on, though.
Also, while speaking, you can make your story more interesting by getting the audience involved, e.g. by asking small quiz-questions or discussing experiences.

I agree with the comments that state the practical side was lacking, it could have been more engaging. The theory portion was nice, but i would like to see it more rooted and engaging as well.

I felt a little more rehearsing would help you feel more comfortable with the content, its also a good idea to talk to your audience, not the slides, you spent a lot of time looking at the screen and not the people n the room. The story has all the elements to catch people and carry them through the content, but it need a bit more of a motivational delivery, so it inspires more then sounding like "we are a great team", i think a bit of work on that and i would love seeing it as a "how DDD saved us" talk.