Design how your objects talk to each other through mocking


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Willem-Jan Zijderveld at 17:35 on 27 Jun 2014

Nice talk about TDD and design principles. It had quit some advertising for prophecy, but I can see why.

I kind of felt it was a SOLID talk in disguise. Although the approach to explain it through testing with mocks was fresh and interesting.

Great talk describing the need of think about designing and testing messaging instead of only testing state. Very nice how the talk transforms in describing the SOLID principle.

Excellent talk with excellent content. I agree with the other comment that this talk was really geared towards SOLID - and the implicit assumption that this is the ultimate goal for software. Perhaps adapting your talk summary would let people know specifically what the goals of your talk are.

Towards the end as we got through the final SOLID principles, it started to get a bit laborious to keep up. I think letting the audience breathe a bit between segments might help.

You did well and I disagree with all other comments here. Just bit humbler intro, and fulfill what you promise on new prophecy feature

Anonymous at 12:01 on 29 Jun 2014

Best talk of the conference, IMHO. I loved the content and the way he explored testing as a design, not QA tool, even relating it back to SOLID.

Maybe a little less about Prophecy (though it wasn't that important) and feel free to go deeper.

This was very interesting. You clearly explained some different approaches to unit testing (testing only results versus testing messages). I really liked the way in which smelly tests were actually turned into evidence that one of the SOLID principles was being violated.

I really enjoyed a fresh point of view of how to look at SOLID from the perspective of your tests. It did "push" prophecy a bit which i think is not necessary.