Easy PR checking 201


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Anonymous at 10:44 on 28 Jun 2014

Leuke talk vooral goed om wat inspiratie en idee├źn op te doen. Feedback zou zijn; je hebt het over veel kleine side dingen en daardoor voelt het wat ongestructureerd in het begin, later wordt het wel allemaal concreter

Nice talk about testing Pull Request and the open source tool you've created for it.

I like the easy way you stand and speak on the stage, be aware of the loudness of your voice. Sometimes it was a bit too soft which makes it harder to understand as an audience, but in the end. Thumbs up!

Pascal is great because he made an awesome tool.

Interesting tools to check out. You seemed at ease presenting. good talk!

Great idea and tool, nice and funny presentation.

You only should worry about not speaking too softly, because at some points I couldn't really hear what you were saying.

Great tool! From the title, I didn't expect the talk to include an actual product, especially one that rocks...
I like your style, really laid back - perhaps a little too much at certain points, resulting in less-understandable mumbling (that would be the only improvement I can think of).

Very good talk, nice to see you already made a tool for it. The only remark I have is that sometimes I couldn't understand you because you where mumbling to someone in the front.

Loved the talk, great content and a great tool.

Some improvement points: read your audience, you could have used a bit more energy since it was day 2 of the conference, get people to wake up. Title could have made it more clear that you were talking about a tool to help in PR testing, that would have been great.