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I think your talk gave a good overview of the concepts of ES. I want to try ES for quite some time now and your only added to that desire. Thanks.

Anonymous at 14:06 on 28 Jun 2014

Someone Somewhere at 22:06 on 28 Jun 2014

Very informative and well presented...

Good informative talk, I feel like starting with ES as well now.

Good and interesting presentation! Really got me interested. Good presentation for anyone who hasn't worked with ES yet.

Nice introduction talk into ES.
The slides already had plenty of screenshots. (admin panel, IRL examples etc). A working demo might be nice added feature as it always captures the imagination the best.

Thank you.

Very interesting stuff, but imo it could have been presented at a quicker pace.

Small tip to Alexander: try not to pronounce each sentence as if it was a question. :-)