Getting started with Apigility


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Very good workshop. The code samples were very well prepared and worked pretty smoothly. Both speakers gave a helping hand when it came to fix local problems. The only downside for me was that ZF2 knowledge was needed to work on the code examples. So sometimes I had a hard time figuring out what to do where. Maybe t should be stated that ZF2 knowledge is required for the workshop.

Perfect workshop to get started with Apigility, Matthew and Rob did a very fine job with a well prepared and hands-on session. ZF2 knowledge certainly comes in handy, especially when it comes to manually messing with the module config files, but thanks to 2 very helpful presenters I think everyone managed quite fine. It was only in the final exercises where things got a bit too advanced too quickly for my liking, so I'd rather loose one of the intermediate ones, maybe number 4 or 5, and take some more time for the later ones.

I agree with a little warning that zf2 knowledge is important.
Other than that the walk trough and the git repo with exercices and solutions was quite helpfull.