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Good presentation...I loved the demos.

Anonymous at 14:16 on 27 Jun 2014

Very clear story

Inspiring and very clearly presented. The live examples were great and gave a good extra dimension to the talk.

Anonymous at 14:39 on 27 Jun 2014

i didn't see your presentation, but is it possible to see the slides ?

Thanks ! :)

Liked it. HHVM is a very interesting technology and certainly worth checking out, even if I cannot yet use it in production. Alexander also got me interested in Hack.

Someone Somewhere at 22:13 on 28 Jun 2014

Very interesting and well presented!

good presentation, but i also know you could deliver perhaps a repository or some examples on github and more digging into more hhvm examples. Maybe for being introductory is fine this time.

I enjoyed this talk a lot - especially since it included hacklang. Alexander makes very nice and clear slides + short live demo's, and delivers the message well. I like the pre/post messages stating what he's hoping to accomplish with the talk, it gives clarity on what to expect.
If I *had* to provide a tip for improving the talk: maybe, just maybe, a little more humor.

Good talk. Would be nice if the presenter also mentioned the downsides and not just the upsides of using Hack.

I liked the clean slides, short demo's and talkers ability to convey his message.

Not knowing what to expect, I think part on talking about HACK took over the rest of the presentation, instead of covering HHVM some more. I didn't mind it though.

Maybe update the talks description so people know what to expect.

Nice overview of what HHVM is. And it really inspired me to start with Hack.

The presentation was good, tough the presenter could show a bit more love for the subject he is talking about. If you listened carefully you could see that he loved the idea of HHVM but it was not really visible in him appearance.