KEYNOTE: Getting artistic with code


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Anonymous at 18:30 on 28 Jun 2014

What is there to say about this talk... f*ing awesome!

If it were only a demo on the C64 I'll still give full points here! But overall a very good and amusing story. Just add some laser!

Awesom, fun and lasers!

Very entertaining, awesome visuals. And glo-sticks and lasers...

A bit chaotic, but awesome!

Also... LASERS!

Nice talking with you before the keynote! Awesome performance :)

Someone Somewhere at 22:17 on 28 Jun 2014

Very enjoyable experience!

Anonymous at 23:38 on 28 Jun 2014

A really good and funny closing.
With an important message: you can do anything as long as it makes fun!

I come to a php conference

Liked it of course

But I did not flight many hours to see this

IMO it had to be more php related

This woke everyone up after an exhausting two (three?) days, with an amazingly funny talk. And while it's about programming, it's so far removed from my dayjob that it widens my perspective about what can be done with code. I'd say this is *exactly* what a closing keynote should be about.
Oh yeah, and he stuck in some advice as well, bonus points!

Terrific talk! Very entertaining and engaging.

Just plain great fun :-)

Nice wind down to the conference weekend, mixing right-left brain concepts in a room of geeks, brave but you pulled it off - reminds us all to have fun with code, not just the task focussed view of the world we can slip into with the day job.

Oh and LASERS man, ultra cool :)

A trip down memory lane (we had a ZX Spectrum at home before moving on to the C64 BTW), some neat digital art and the crowd pleasing interactive band (with glowsticks) to top it all off. Absolutely brilliant.

Unbelievable. I've said before I think a keynote should be entertaining, inspiring or both. This was definitely both. Seb has a really natural informal speaking style which shows me just how far I have to go in my own speaking career.

Anonymous at 23:20 on 29 Jun 2014

Really awesome! Good way of crowd participation. And really fun way of presenting. Didn't lose me anywhere :)

What an inspirational presentations this was! Thank you Seb. And I will work harder to finish my own projects. Thank you for pointing that out again (even though I already knew).

I enjoyed this keynote so much! I'm glad I was there to see the best particles effect ever :)

Simply excellent!

Awesome refreshing end to a conference. Loved seeing things from a completely unexpected and unfamiliar point of view. Your presenting style is also very entertaining and was a great match for a closing keynote, as well as resonating with the opening keynote.

Anonymous at 14:52 on 1 Jul 2014

Very cool show. Do you have your own Laser App? If not you should make one!

Cool and inspirational! :-)

Very fun and glad to see that you can do something else than web application with code.

Where is my laser again.