KEYNOTE: A startup story: Sending a billion text messages


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Anonymous at 10:14 on 27 Jun 2014

good job )

A great and simple idea on having side projects.

Willem-Jan Zijderveld at 10:16 on 27 Jun 2014

Very nice talk about his experiences and how he started this career. Very entertaining!

Boldizsár Bednárik at 10:44 on 27 Jun 2014

Great and inspiring talk. Thanks!

Very inspiring talk.

Great talk, much funny, very informational.

A funny and inspiring "ghetto style" story. If you get a chance of listening to this, then you should!

Funny guy with a nice store.

Inspiring and fun talk, Evan's advice about site projects is certainly true!

Entertaining opening to the conference.

Inspiring and entertaining talk about side projects. Got me thinking about my own projects and ideas.

Really set the right mood for the conference. Thank you!

That was a hit, very entertaining and empowering.

---> Getting back to finish that side projects of mine

Anonymous at 13:58 on 27 Jun 2014

Very honest and funny story, really enjoyed and made me think about my own side projects. Nice work.

Arjan van den Bos at 17:10 on 27 Jun 2014

Funny and inspiring talk!

A very unusual but inspiring talk - thank you!

Good speaker, very entertaining talk!

Funny and inspiring talk!

Anonymous at 21:58 on 27 Jun 2014

Interesting story and well spoken. Looking forward to the nginx talk on caturday.

Candid, entertaining, interesting and enjoyable.

Very nice talk. Funny anecdotes, and inspiring. Still thinking about what idea to pick for a sideproject, I've had lots over the years :p.

Nice way to start the conference; inspiring talk about side projects.

Very funny and interesting!

Anonymous at 07:09 on 29 Jun 2014

this is how you speak about yourself when invited and how you use it to motivate others, thanks!

Perhaps just should be more engaging and sharing of these things outside the podium on the mingling

just one word: WOW!

amazing story, told on a really funny way with a clear message witch reach everyone in the audience: have side projects.

Evan is obviously comfortable on stage, and he knows how to deliver a punchline. The advice (nurishing your side projects) is simple and with his success story easy to understand.
I do feel, however, that the massive success at a very young age kind of undermines the message as well, because everything you do at that age is a 'side project'. I got a certain 'but that's not me' feeling that took away a little bit of the inspiration that belongs in a keynote...

A very entertainig talk

Great inspiring, entertaining and fascinating talk. Thumbs up!

Anonymous at 22:54 on 29 Jun 2014

Interesting and inspiring. Presented in a very good, entertaining way.

Very interesting talk :)

Fun story with an important message, glad to have a side project already ;-)

Impressive story and good advise!