Modern front-end with the eyes of a PHP developer


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Michel Everts at 15:04 on 28 Jun 2014

I feel like Aurelio tried to put the entire DPC 2014, including all tools and techniques, in his talk at a breath taking speed. This makes it very hard to follow, and at the end I still did not know what the true point of his talk was because the talk moved at such a killing speed.

Great talk. liked the speed and content. Cant wait for the slides to get online

nice overview
Just go easy on the animation in your slides. It was a bit much for my taste ;-)

Maybe a talk bit slower next time but an excellent overview of front-end tooling in comparison with the backend tooling for the modern web developer.

I guess I liked it but I'm still not sure what it was I saw... It went so fast it was hard to follow. Slow down a bit.

Anonymous at 23:40 on 28 Jun 2014

What they said about the speed ;) The content was exactly what I needed. I'm a pure backend dev so it was good to catch up on the tools and how they compare to the PHP tools.

Very nice talk, maybe a bit too fast for others but I liked it and didn't find it made things hard to understand. Very efficient, clear and well structured. Honestly, this was one of the best talks I heard at dpc.

Well done comparison and very useful for a backend developer like myself. Try to reduce the pace a bit though so you have some time to connect to your audience. Due to the overwhelming speed you seem to lose contact with your audience, almost as if we weren't there anymore.

You were talking really to fast, which made it hard to follow. I really liked that you compared the frontend tools to their PHP counter parts. But in general I feel that there could be more actual in-depth content in the talk, because your presentation could also have been handled by showing a slide with a table of the PHP tools and their frontend counterparts.