Principles of PHP Package Design


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Did not think this would be as interesting as it actually was. Good talk.

Nice insights on using "SOLID"-like principles in the design of packages

Good talk. I'll buy your book ;-)

Excellent ideas about how to "correctly" create packages. Hope these ideas will be soonish adopted by all package maintainers.

Good talk, you can see you know what you are talking about.

I'm afraid people (I) really need to read the book to grasp it all.

Excellent talk presenting great ideas on package design. Can't wait for the book being finished

Good theoretical talk from start to finish.

A lot of theory about the best practice for packages. Very clear and well presented. I hope the book will be as good as a year with symfony!

Paving the way and telling it how it is, think amongst the best talks of the conference

Good to hear some academic approach to this issue. Very relevant and well presented.

Don't know if it would help the goal of your presentation but maybe mix in some practical situations as well. I know this talk represents the ideal situation but as you also know, we don't live in that world all the time :) You could show us how to know the rules but to then break them in moderation?

Very nice presentation. It gave me a lot of ideas.

Anonymous at 23:12 on 29 Jun 2014

For me it was too theoretical, I expected more practical examples. The whole theoretical stuff overwhelmed the practical tips that were most valuable.

I was very happy to see someone pointing out the issues with some of today's packages. We can all learn from this, will pass this along to some package maintainers.

Interesting to see that a lot of widely accepted patterns, principles and best practices on a class level also apply to package design.

This is a topic that the community really needs to learn about. I really liked you bringing them to us and you did a great job with the presentation you had.

I would maybe try to present the content in a better way, a way that the concepts hit home harder, maybe more practical or "by examples". It was a bit confusing to keep up at times.