Recursive Descent Parsing


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Nice introduction to parsing. Not too technical and definitely not boring, though I would have loved to see richer versions of the print_r parser...

Very good introduction on parsing. :-)

Willem-Jan Zijderveld at 11:28 on 27 Jun 2014

nice introduction, but hard to keep my attention. It is a tough subject, but it can be brought more dynamic. maybe some code execution, show some the results.

Since I hadn't learned anything about recursive decent parsing before, it was quite useful for me. I definitely learned new things which might become useful to me at a later moment.

I have a few suggestions though (speaker + DPC orgs)

1. The talk was quite short and you could elaborate more on this topic I guess. There is a lot more to learn! What are other parsers you could use (php-parser or phpphp)?

2. The talk was rated for an expert level, but you could dive into it even more. For me it was certainly useful, but I couldn't hear my brains crack yet. For these kinds op topics it allowed ;)

3. Only "v1" showed the code how to parse "Array()" but all next parts didn't return to this point. I think it makes the talk more concise when you show how the new methods are used to get the new parsing rules to work. A little bit more php code, esp how you could use your parsing api, will help a lot.

For the organizers: the speaker from the adjacent room could be heard during Boy's talk. His microphone was probably too loud and I sat almost at the front row, but it was sometimes distracting. Perhaps this could be improved next time.

Nice introduction, but expected to be more advanced due to the mark of 'expert' level. Could be brought with some more enthusiasm.

Anonymous at 14:01 on 27 Jun 2014

I expected a more in dept talk. Maybe give soms examples of problems you run into.

Interesting content but it was hard to keep focused with terminology that had lots of interchangeable meanings. A lot of the points made were fairly compact, too, so the audience were expected to assume a lot in order to proceed with the gist of what you were saying. For future presentations, I'd prefer you adopt techniques that capture the audience's imagination and engagement - demos, more diagrams, etc. Overall a good presentation on an interesting topic.

Anonymous at 11:55 on 29 Jun 2014

Great subject, would love to see more of this type of content. The print_r example was great, loved how the "marching tokens" were shown at the top and bottom of the slides.

Still, the examples and code interaction could be clearer. The intro was too long. Speaker seemed new and nervous.

Still, I learned a lot and it'd be great to see a refreshed version of this talk again when it's tidied up and submitted elsewhere. Lot of promise!

A nice talk about an interesting subject. It could have done with some more examples, especially parse() method of which only the first version is shown (that returns just an array()). The speaker seamed a bit nervous/inexperienced though.

Nice introduction to the concepts of parsing, with a clear use case.

The presentation could use a (simple) demo of the result of the use case, either live or captured.

In general i think the story was good. It did not meet up with my expectations in terms of complexity. it was promoted as a complex talk, therefor i expected it to go more into depth. This was missing.