Uncon - Managed Technical Debt


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Anonymous at 17:09 on 27 Jun 2014

Talk about a "lightning talk". It was really good in the sense of what was said, "bad" in the sense that I now want to know more :)

Anonymous at 23:10 on 27 Jun 2014

Great lightning talk. Brought to the table a serious issue currently with a lot of developers (including the team I am in). DDD (Debt Driven Development? ;)) is a very interesting method that Mathias explained very nicely.

Short talk bringing a great sense about the profits of exposing technical debt instead of shoving it under the carpet.

Compact and straight to the point talk. Some very useful ways to make technical debt clear to management.

It's insane how much gold Mathias can deliver in a 15 minute lightning talk. His passion combined with the subject matter of his talk(s) makes for 5 thumbs up *every friggin' time*.

A great quick talk.