Websockets and Event-driven Programming with PHP


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Reacted well to this.

Anonymous at 17:38 on 27 Jun 2014

Most boring presentation of thé day ?

Interesting stuff, definitely. Presentation style was a bit too chaotic for my tastes. I think Steve is more suited to a Q&A style of presenting.

Technically an extremely interesting presentation in which I learned a lot. That being said, I have to admit that the way of presenting was somewhat "dry" and tiresome, I had a hard time remaining focussed. Perhaps the fact that it was the last talk of the day had something to do with that as well...

Extremely interesting and informative, can't wait to play with your chat demo as soon as I get home.
That being said your presentation could have used a bit more enthusiasm, a bit more fire, or maybe just an earlier timeslot.

Considering the amount of attendees, Steve chose a subject which is highly in demand. This was a good technically in-depth talk about the subject. As noted by others the presentation sometimes was a bit chaotic.

Two pointers (the first literal :-) ):
* If you're showing a lot of code in your presentation, it is good to use a laser pointer or the cursor of your mouse to show what line of code you are currently referring to. This way people can follow along easier.

* When questions are being asked in a large room like this one was, repeating the question for the other attendees is a good idea.

Anonymous at 22:02 on 27 Jun 2014

Anonymous at 22:24 on 27 Jun 2014

Thank you all for your comments! The topic was more difficult than I expected to turn into a good talk, I'm sorry it didn't come across the way I'd hoped for some of you.

Robin S. - I forgot my pointer at home, it was definitely a bit frustrating to not have it with me.

I hope everyone got out of the talk how easy it is to get started with ReactPHP, no matter what you're using it for.

Interesting topic, but presented with lack of energy.

The content was interesting but guy, you lost me pretty quick. It just was boting, sorry

Anonymous at 09:48 on 28 Jun 2014

The general feeling I had with this that it contained to much 'extras'. Resulting in a boring talk about a very interesting subject. A more energetic with a faster pace without spending time on all the not directly relevant code/information.

It was okay. Nothing much new for me personally but it's a promising project anyway

There was some very interesting stuff in this talk, but you don't have to explain every line of code in your examples to a room of PHP programmers. Show some code, show the result, keep it short. Also after a while every sentence had 3 or 4 pauses in it, that made it very difficult to keep listening.

Good topic, but the presentation was unfocused and quite boring. Way too much time was spend explaining code, which a room full of developers already understood and also didn't really had anything to do with the topic itself.
Only the part explaining web sockets caught my attention...
Try to focus more on the subject itself and less on other matters (or even leave that stuff out!).

It was a rather hard to stay focussed when every line is explained (as said earlier) although I did enjoy it!

I still have some questions for you, but I'll contact you on Twitter for that.

Thanks for all the feedback, guys. I appreciate the suggestions. I'll definitely be re-working this talk before the next time I present it.

A great demo of programming a websocket in PHP.

This subject deserves more fire, there's so much that can be done besides the text-book example of a chat server. Also, I think Steve wasn't really into the talk which made for a tiresome and hard to follow delivery (disclaimer: I sat on the floor so that was tiresome by itsself).
Finally, I would have liked the parts of the code that demanded attention at a certain time to be highlighted. I'ts really hard to read back to back slides of code and understand what the speaker is saying.
I did like the effects on the slides (zooming into a slide to get the next one), that gave a good flow.

Anonymous at 23:07 on 29 Jun 2014

Interesting talk, especially the examples of implementing Websockets.

Very interesting talk. Can you share the slides of your presentation. It will be very helpfull.

Was really difficult to keep my mind focused.

The topic was covered very nicely. Gave a me nice insight. Thank you for your research. Finding a balance between the audience assumed technical level and what it is you want to convey in the end was done quite nice. I learned something and that is the most important bit.

However, I agree with most of the previous commenters. The talk lacked some spirit and fire (jet lagged?). Going over ALL of the example code line by line, slide by slide. I think we can assume the audience has some level of reading PHP right? Maybe stick to the stuff that really needs explaining and leave the rest for the code itself on Github.

About keeping people's attention. Demo the app earlier in the presentation. Or maybe add some more real life examples

While the topic is interesting, it was hard to stay focused, maybe work on the presentation style/slides to keep people hooked.

Keep on going though!

No enthusiasm, to dry (lots of code without a real context) and overall a bit boring (especially when you're already familiar with ReactPHP).

Information on the slides was good, presentation as well. Though the presentation skills of the presented could improve. This sometimes cause me to lose a part of the talk.