Application Logging & Logstash


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Anonymous at 11:08 on 27 Jun 2015

Great talk. Thanks

Nice talk :-) Thanks!

Great to see the actual examples and seeing how easy it is to use the ELK stack. You convinced me for good.

Great talk on a difficult schedule. It is hard to keep audience interest at the first talk after the social night, and Ben did it. Good job, it certainly raised my interest on the ELK stack.

Got me interested, would have been nice to see more on how to manipulate and analyze the log data. I have a strong feeling a lot more could be done with the data in elasticsearch and/or Kibana. It would have been nice to see an example of more complex and/or real world log analysis.

I got a good overview of the ELK stack within 45 minutes.
The demo was well prepared and you timed everything perfectly.

A very nice tour through the ELK stack. Good presentation and demo.

I didn't used the ELK stack before, after this talk setting it up was really easy. Appreciate the examples to understand how the ELK stack works.

Just one word really: awesome!

examples, timing and presenting were right on par with everything i'd expect from a conference like this. You clearly know your stuff and presented it very well!

Great stuff! I am still so pumped about the ELK stack, I can't wait to include it in my next project. Really good presentation skills too. Congrats!