Asynchronous PHP


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Christopher is a great speaker, fun and passionate. The icing on the cake was his coding off the feet abillities. Great talk!

Arnout Boks at 19:38 on 26 Jun 2015

Good talk, nicely balanced. A great overview of available tools/libraries, and the live coding at the end really illustrated the possibilities well.

Good presentation style, good content. Maybe a slightly better description in the program about it mainly showing different frameworks. Loved the bit about generators though!

I really liked this presentation.

I liked the presentation but I missed clear examples of practical usages.
I liked the misuse of generators, but I think I disapprove. It does not make for readable code.

Absolutely brilliant talk that Chris spoke passionately about the entire way through, which was evident by the way he engaged with the audience.
Although I will be sticking with React I really did enjoy seeing the amount of abuse that can be taken by generators, especially with the live speed-coding - keep doing that at all your talks!

One of the better speakers at the conference. Some (good) jokes here and there which always help a lot. Unlike many others at the conference explained a tool properly. Why, when and how to use it in short and clear examples.