Datastructures in PHP: Beyond SPL - Tries and QuadTrees


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Timo Bakx at 10:32 on 27 Jun 2015

Very interesting talk. I learned a lot. Also: cats.

These are some interesting concepts, but far too little code for my tastes.

Code on slides isn't a good idea, anything more than a few lines is unreadable (especially in a large room).

Code implementations of Tries (basic, Radix and Suffix) and Point QuadTrees (with examples) can be found at and respectively

I think it's very interesting to see these implemented. I don't know if i ever use these types of things but i really stated to think differently about how we could store data inside of our cache with different indexing.

Would love to see more talks on CS topics like the ones presented.
It is a pity that the talk went over time. Apart from that, great talk.

Great talk to start the day with after the social :)
45 min wasn't enough unfortunately.
Could have used more cats.

Arnout Boks at 14:12 on 28 Jun 2015

I liked the topic, but think the talk was a bit too slow and too little in-depth to be really useful. Nevertheless I liked the clear explanations.

Really liked the talk personally, as these are subjects i'm really interested in. Mark explained well in a simple way how some (of the more complex) data structures work, without relying too much on code (i think implementation should be simple enough for yourself once they are explained). Too bad there was not enough time for the last few (which imho are the most interested ones).

Sometimes we (read: I) try to solves problems in a much complex way than it should. Going back to data structures and patterns shows you clever and simpler ways to solve them.

Probably the best talk at the conference for me! Cool new concepts for me. A relaxed talk, Mark is no stranger to presentations, and he is a very good educator!