Hands on PHP extensions - Part 1


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It's a trap, it's a trap, it's a trap

Very nice introduction into native extension building.

I found it was very well structured to get us started building our own extension.

On the other hand, the issues some 'mac' users had could be mitigated by providing a virtualbox with the linux build environment needed and a note there are some quircks to be resolved to use it with clang.

Learned a lot here.

Near the end it became to feel to me a bit like listing possible method names and felt a bit tedious to me. But overall it really gave me all I need to get my hands dirty on PHP extension.

Good workshop and i did like the amount of subjects that passed.

If i can give one advice it would be that you should not start the workshop with "You need this, this, this and this) but make sure people know this before the work shop so the environments are (mostly) setup.

Granted it didn't cost too much time but we were pretty lucky with the WiFi cooperating.