HTTP is Dead. Long Live HTTP/2!


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Awesome talk!! Super instructive and useful!! Thank you Ben!

Willem-Jan Zijderveld at 06:50 on 27 Jun 2015

great talk about the differences between HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2.

This is actualy a topic web developer's tend to forget about - however, they shouldn't.

Ben has outlined very well the importance of HTTP/2 and, which benefit's it will bring. Also, what a timesaver HTTP/2 could be.


I did not like the long summary of RFC's. I expected the talk to explain HTTP/2 in more detail.

Introduction about HTTP/1 was a bit too long for my taste, could have been shortened to about 10 to 15 minutes. The part about HTTP/2 was very interesting but could have been a bit more in-depth.
The speaker presents in a nice way, but could be a bit more animated - it was all a bit dry, that would do the talk a lot of good.

Ben's talk topic had some overlap with mine, so this was of great interest to me. I would like to have seen more on the multiple streaming mechanism, less on the history. Ben has nicely styled slides and great presentation skills.

Ben is a very experienced and knowledgeable speaker. I always enjoy watching him present.

Unfortunately, the talk didn't really meet my expectations. The RFC bit got boring after a while. It'd be better to trim that a bit in the future. I was also hoping to learn more about additional features of HTTP2.

But that being said: Ben definitely got his point across and he definitely showed us about the connection multiplexing and a better use of TCP.

But surely HTTP2 brings more to the table than just that ... I'd definitely like to see this talk again, but maybe with some improvements.

Anonymous at 17:08 on 28 Jun 2015

There was absolutely no need to explain the history of each of the HTTP/1 specs in detail. Not informative to the most of the attendees who aren't protocol engineers.

Please rewrite your talk to focus on the technical differences of the specs, and the practical tooling and solutions available for trying out & prepping our projects for HTTP/2.

Going through spec details (explaining 100-continue wtf rly) with 60 people in the room is a waste of the room.

I was very curious about the new http2 features. Unfortunately I had to wait until you went over all the RFC changes. This part was way too long.

This left little to no time to explore the new features.

Other then that I liked listening to Ben talking.

James Titcumb at 12:28 on 29 Jun 2015

Explained everything well, good insight into HTTP/2, thanks!

Good talk on an interesting subject. As others, i would have loved more focus on HTTP/2. The analysis of changes to HTTP/1.1 that happened after RFC 2616 would better sit in a blog post that you can refer people interested in it to. It was not really interesting to hear about every one of them - but i will certainly refer to that summary to check whether FOSHttpCacheBundle is up to date with 723x.