Introduction to Event Sourcing and CQRS with Broadway


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As good as the morning session, though the live coding session was almost the same and that made it a bit slow and uninteresting for the people that attended the morning one.

I don't know of i should like or love Broadway after this session. You explained the fact that the view modals are maybe better to role your own solution. The Event Store for me is still missing the Aggregate root type to replay some events. And the fact that you also stated that almost everything needs de SerializeInterface makes it a bit weird to me. I dit not think you where convinced on broadway yourself but at the time it's the best solution of doing Broadway.

I was wondering what you think about by Jasper N. Brouwer.

The session itself was a great way to learn Broadway but using exactly the same examples as the morning session was a bit boring.

Nice introduction to Broadway, it was good to finally use it and get a feel for it.