SOLID Refactoring


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Jeroen van der Laan at 11:43 on 26 Jun 2015

Nice talk with very simple examples. Maybe a little too basic for the audience?

A bit basic, but on the other hand you can't dive into all in such a short time. Respect for the live coding, always tricky. Also showed some great use of phpstorm's (I'm a big fan) refactoring possibilities.

It was a good, straight forward presentation, with good content. But I think it was indeed a beginners talk. Although, Scato managed to give the best explanation for Liskov Substitution Principle I ever heard!

Scato wasn't distracted by the last minute room change and technical issues at the start. He has a very understandable voice but, to make it even better, he could use a little more enthusiasm for it to be an amazing talk. But that may have been the nerves?

Nice talk on a subject for which there still is a lot of code waiting to get refactored this way.

Anonymous at 14:20 on 26 Jun 2015

I think it's great talk for people still writing these types of old code but I dit not find in very useful.

The talk contained some nice basic examples of refactoring using the SOLID principles. I liked the sample code because it showed different aspects of the principles. You didn't rush into the solution, which is very good. Instead you showed some intermediate solutions which almost drove me crazy, but that's good as well!

The danger of speaking while coding is that the speaking loses a bit of "color". You might even record part of it and explain what's happening.

Nice use of phpstorm for refactoring. Picked up a few good tips

Good talk, informative and interesting hands on examples of basic refactoring.

Basic but very clear examples. Live coding worked well. Very good use of phpstorms refactoring tools.

You gave for every principle a good example of how you should work them in your code. Always fun to see someone play with the extended possibilities of PHPStorm.

This was a beginners talk, not intermediate as displayed on the website.

Great talk. Great delivery.

Applying the SOLID principles to your code will make it easier to cope with change. This was (unintentionally) demonstrated by Scato when he not only had to switch rooms but also had to use a different laptop in the last minute.

While most people will know the SOLID principles by now, Scato demonstrated them with some real life examples, while refactoring the application (live) at the same time. This made the talk interesting, not just for people who are new to the SOLID principles.

Good talk and was not influenced in anyway by the last minute change of room and the problems because of that.