Uncon: Developers are just like humans


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Interesting 'feel good' soft talk encouraging people to reach out to each other at the times they need it

Anonymous at 13:40 on 26 Jun 2015

Great talk about a topic that doesn't get addressed enough.
More people should know about this.

Small piece of feedback: it sometimes came across as if you lost track of your own talk.

Unable to give half thumbs, otherwise I would give 4.5 :-)

Somehow I missed the big red bar :| The anonymous comment above is mine..

Stefan does a great job of talking about stuff that's difficult to talk about, difficult to recognize and difficult to admit or ask help for. Spreading the word does help.

There are many things to take away from this talk.

Thank you for focusing on something that gets easily overlooked. I really like how this was the first talk I went to and how it neatly tied in with the closing keynote.

The focus on "The Art of Asking" seemed quite appropriate after Josh's opening keynote; and while the talk wasn't particularly focused or structured, it deserves at least four stars simply for recommending Amanda Palmer's book