Uncon: PHP Hooligans


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Timo Bakx at 13:30 on 26 Jun 2015

Discussions are good, but it's too bad most discussions were about the statements themselves.

The guys managed to get some interesting discussions going on pretty quickly. The issues were well thought out and the slides prepared equally well, even if maybe the titles were a bit too broad.

While it seemed to start with very black/white statements it appeared to be just that way to start a discusssion. It was a lot of fun, one point that could be improved is that the statements were sometimes related to each other very much.

The idea was interesting and original. I liked the concept but whenever we'd choose a "fight", it quickly showed the statement was inaccurate.
Still, there were some valid points made and it was a good experience.

Great idea for a small forum/discussion/burning man session :)

As noted: the format could use a little tweaking to keep everything going more smoothly. (also the statements made need a little refinement)

It did feel like a nice little intermezzo from the long and more 'monologue' type talks. (and as i said during / after the session: it's always a good idea to revisit the reasons behind the things we do daily and question them) Thinking outside the paved paths, static box and provoking fresh ideas is a _big_ plus!

Hope you guys can make the nationwide-meetup-roadtrip actually happen!

Thanks to everyone attending. I really enjoyed the discussions, even though - or perhaps because - we lost. I learned a few new things, which for me is the whole point.

As a means of triggering discussion, an interesting approach... though it wouldn't work with all audiences, because sometimes they feel that it is their job to sit quietly and be spoken to... but certainly effective in an unconference slot (especially with Raphael Dohms in the audience) where people are more inclined toward audience participation