What to Expect When You're Expecting: PHP 7


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Anybody not yet looking for an upgrade to php7 probably has not seen this presentation.

Though I probably shouldn't've expected more, I thought the talk was a bit bland. Could've used some better real examples.

I was already excited about the features in PHP-7, but having them all listed in a single presentation made it even more awesome!

Good speaker with a good presentation style.

THE best talk of the day. Great content and also nice to see and hear the speaker, he is passionate and you can tell that! Only minus was the way he handled the PHP6 question...although it has been told over and over probably, not everyone knows all the info...there are no wrong questions ?! Anyway, can't wait to play with PHP 7 and will need to learn then new features as soon as possible of course to becoming a better PHP programmer.

Given that the topic is interesting but essentially just a big list, this was a tough job to bring to life, but Davey did a great job, livened up with entertaining anecdotes.

no comments :)

There's nothing more to expect from a brief overview of PHP7 - Emphasis on the "specials" was great.


We asked for an overview of PHP7, we got an overview of PHP7. Very nice way of presenting this lists of changes and new features.

Davey presented in a clear and straightforward way what is coming next on PHP 7. It was a great talk that delivered exactly what it was supposed to.

Really enjoyed this well written, well presented talk.