A Talk About Naming Things Talk


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Michel Everts at 15:31 on 24 Jun 2016

it's a very good talk & speaker when you get the desire to program based on the content and enthusiasm of the speaker. He engaged me to ask questions about my software I did not ask before.

Tom Lether at 21:20 on 24 Jun 2016

Great talk. A lot of practical examples and detailed explanations on why the speaker chose for his solutions.


Great talk, beautiful reminder to keep your code simple.

1. Revolutionary talk, loved it.
2. Sorry, had to say that, rest of the comment in 3.


Very interesting and almost philosophical insights on the conventions of naming constructs. I've always been bothered by the ConstructorFactoryPersisterInterfaceThingy. It adds no information in the context when your reading it.

I think the one thing that stuck with me most is, if you can get clear what's happening right in front of your nose in the code on your screen, and know that the rest is built the same way, you can focus on that part. I'm not sure if I explained that clearly, but I do know we are going to have some nice discussions about this where I work ;)


Youri Thielen at 22:25 on 25 Jun 2016

Great talk, great speaker.

Ronald D. at 10:14 on 26 Jun 2016

Absolutely enjoyed this talk, always good to get more insights and get discussions started on naming conventions again!

I like the way Shawn is always working on the more abstract ideas behind the job we do. I'm pretty sure I would enjoy any topic he decides to speak about. Additional points for removing the mic mid-talk when it was bothering him, that's a gutsy move.

4 stars because I'd like to see his thoughts a bit more structured.. but that just might be his style.

Mark Redeman at 12:40 on 27 Jun 2016

I like that your presentation was quite thought provoking and you used good arguments / code examples for it.

Always good to stay critical on how we are used to organize our code and look for improvements in areas considered 'the last places to look'.

Little tip: Be careful not to repeat yourself (too much) to get a point across. But that's your enthusiasm I guess. :-)