CQRS and Domain Events for integration


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Jeroen v.d. Gulik at 13:03 on 25 Jun 2016

Great talk

Youri Thielen at 22:43 on 25 Jun 2016

Excellent high quality content with a good introduction to CQRS and domain events. Add a story from the trenches and you have a great talk :)

Anonymous at 09:01 on 26 Jun 2016

good talk, nice examples

dParadiz at 09:04 on 26 Jun 2016

great talk

Ronald D. at 10:16 on 26 Jun 2016

Nice talk

Great Talk

Vladas Dirzys at 15:37 on 27 Jun 2016

Great talk. Got good inspirations from it, thanks! :)

Tom Lether at 15:54 on 9 Jul 2016

Great talk with some good examples.