Going Elastic


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Robert-Jan de Dreu at 12:32 on 24 Jun 2016

It's too bad that the elastic stack did not work right away for us but the presenter distilled the important parts really well in the little time that was left. Sharing the PDF so that we didn't have to type over the queries was a really nice touch.

Informative talk. It went a bit fast because off lost time in the beginning but it gave a nice overview of what was possible.

One tip: The provided vagrant box proved to be a challenge, in the future 1) don't change it the night before the talk and 2) have it tested on a different computer than yours that does not have your original laptop's directory structure.

Wouter Goeman at 07:50 on 27 Jun 2016

Small problems with VM's at startup
But for the rest a very interesting and engagin workshop