Hacking your way to better security


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Good talk, great slides, good presentation style.
Sadly for me it was too basic. '"better" security' implies an advanced talk but this was an entry level talk.

Tom Lether at 21:26 on 24 Jun 2016

Great talk, speaker clearly knows his subject, presentation was well put together and looked great. I did hope for a bit more advanced material though.

Ron Rademaker at 22:55 on 24 Jun 2016

Speaker is a bit too teacher like to me. Kudos for having the patience to explain everything so clearly, but I'm not in school and I'd prefer a (much) higher speed. Everything was very basic, but things any php developer really should know, any who doesn't should have attended this talk (unfortunately I heard nothing new and would have liked that beforehand).

Anonymous at 23:52 on 24 Jun 2016

Really good introduction to security. I liked how the examples made it clear why we should know about these things. I agree with the other comments that it was a little basic but as a junior developer I learned a lot and found it to be perfect for me. Thank you!

Dennis C. at 07:59 on 25 Jun 2016

This was a fantastic talk for anybody who wasn't familiar with the subject matter! If you could update the blurb to say it is a step by step explanation at a basic level that would help people make an informed choice if this talk is too basic for their skillset.

Cathy Cramer at 13:37 on 25 Jun 2016

The security coding strategies presented have been standard practice for years, but it was helpful to view these exploits from a hacker's perspective.

I like the presentation, but felt that for anyone that has minimum interest into security, the first 3 examples (SQL injection, XSS, CSRF) were too basic.
Nonetheless it was a good talk

Clear insight and presentation of the actions and consequences of the main items on the OWASP list. Shows the actions that the "hacker" needs to take. and the "victm" can diagnose and protect against in his/hers system.

I knew quite a bit already about this, but still picked up a few things. For a solid explanation for a webdev without security experience, this is the ideal spot to start learning how to protect yourself against the most common attacks.


Anonymous at 08:58 on 26 Jun 2016

To basic, and if anyway who attends such conference and still don't do some escaping they should find another job. This talk should have be more in depth.

The content of the talk was too basic. The title implied a some more advanced topics, but spending 20 minutes on SQL injection is more of an entry level. The speaker did have a very clear presentation style.

This should have had the word "beginner" in the title. In capitals. It was a total disappointment to me.

I'm afraid it was too basic for this crowd. Expected some more sophisticated / advanced hacking approaches.

Good talk. Well presented.
I liked the different examples about SQL injection. I knew the basic ones, but looking for an item that does not exist and then UNION with some other table to get data of the database that's not supposed to get out was ingenious and rather shockingly simple.