Introducing Eager Design


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Jordy Moos at 14:32 on 25 Jun 2016

Can't go under 5 stars if you use scala in your presentation

Consistent as ever, a great talk even though I disagree with a lot of it.

Interesting insights into howto tackle complex problems. Focus on the core problem you need to solve, and build your infrastructure around that, instead of working from a use-case that requires demands and structures. Have to sleep this over, because this is indeed a game-changer in the industry, and the beautiful thing is, it makes sense..

Humurous and passionate presentation


not my piece of cake, a bit to philosophical in my opinion and not the presentation that i 'needed' after lunch. I did not fall asleep but it didn't take a lot more... The presentation itself was good, nice slides and a theme that was leading to something - and not a puzzle like some presentations are unfortunately.

Great talk

Youri Thielen at 23:09 on 25 Jun 2016

We need more of these talks. Talks that shake our beliefs, put everything upside down. The speaker was very enthusiastic and passionate about the subject. Overall great talk!

dParadiz at 09:25 on 26 Jun 2016

Well prepared and delivered. Inside-out idea is not new to me but combining it with the rule set that's nice.

I liked your talk and you presented it enthusiastically, however I did get lost a couple of times and it took me a while to get the message (might have been due to tiredness).

The part where you introduced some scala concepts was a bit too rushed making it hard to see the advantages.

The ideas of your talk were definitely interesting and you presented it very well, but I will need to do some additional reading before understanding the bigger picture.

(On that note do you have some references that discuss the advantages and disadvantages of eager design?)

Easily one of the best talks of the conference.

Great message enthusiastically brought.

Amazing job!

Cutting the contextual crap and focusing on the real problem at hand is something I can only agree with.