Microservices with Thrift, or why I stopped worrying about REST


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Chilion Snoek at 13:55 on 24 Jun 2016

Nice topic but the speaker talks very very fast.

Ron Rademaker at 22:47 on 24 Jun 2016

Good speaker who keeps up the pace. Too bad the, to me, essential question was skipped: when and why do you use sync communication between microservices to begin with.

J.D.Mutsaerts at 11:00 on 25 Jun 2016

Agreeing with Ron above.

I really liked it.
Although it does look like scratching the surface about thrift.

Stephan was a lot of fun to watch and injected some serious thought and humor into an otherwise dry, "done" topic.

Anonymous at 08:51 on 26 Jun 2016

Nice talk and topic.

It was interesting but could have been shorter and more to the point.

Bert Hekman at 21:07 on 26 Jun 2016

Great introduction to Thrift!

I found this talk has a good level of detail while still explaining the big picture.

To improve the talk, I would have liked to see a working example maybe, instead of the mention/description of an alternative library that does the same thing.

Great talk, has inspired me to try thrift

NIce talk, got really good insight into why Apache Thrift is better than traditional REST JSON communication.

Reinier Kip at 13:33 on 27 Jun 2016

Interesting talk. David was easy to follow and not only explained the capabilities of Thrift, but also when you'd (not) want to use it. In the end he pointed us to other, similar implementations like protobuffers and gRPC, to be able to make our own choice.

Great talk on an interesting topic. It gave us both a quick overview of what is possible with thrift and how such an architecture could work. For a more in depth talk the alternatives could be expanded on. I would have liked to see some more insight into the differences between the different libraries as they seem very similar.